Insight Economy

An economic paradigm where businesses and individuals create value and gain a competitive edge by generating and leveraging insights from data and information


About Xeratic

Our team is a group of passionate data, business and software professionals. We have served organization across Indonesia to make better decisions with data since 2008

Our Mission

Empowering organization to decide and win

What We Do

Data and AI is our core business. We build our own data management tools and we help implement and consult on popular data tech and platform for organizations share the same vision to be data driven.
We build data education platform, to enable everyone thriving by learning the right fundamentals so they can apply the learnings directly in their daily work.

Careers at Xeratic

Join us and Get a job recommendations based on your interests.

In Xeratic, we believe we can educate and build a better world with data.
We welcome you to join our team with our job openings that might be suitable for your future.

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