Look at how Xeratic solve data problems in various industries

Retail Industry

Retail industry had been forced to become more digitally savvy, from the touch point of sales, deeper engagement in digital space and also being more efficient in product catalog selection and inventory. The challenges is how to keep Retail business afloat in an omnichannel way but keep being connected with the data

Xeratic Platform & DataOps Service helped retail in preparing and cleaning data for more well-informed decision making fast and easy. Removing highly duplicated product and customer data to produce actionable insights for business owner. One Click Analysis related to revenue and growth such as:
1. Top-X products, areas, or customers with most purchases
2. Sales performance targeting
3. Marketing spending effectiveness
4. Market Reach

Distribution Industry

Indonesia archipelagos rely heavily on highly effective distribution business to keep goods fast and affordable from Manufacturers to Suppliers to End Consumers. It has been a challenge for distribution player, logistic and warehouse player to be more efficient in every possible areas. Data processing and exchange in between the goods journey to the hand of end customers has been tremendously challenged with infrastructure, technology, policy and worker skill readiness.

Xeratic Platform and DataOps services help to integrate, cleanse and build single source of truth for data with best practice that is proven reliable for making critical and strategic decisions. Topped up with analytics that focuses on revenue and growth such as:

  1. Maximize distribution cost to increase the number of sales and revenue
  2. Audit warehouse inventory faster than ever to ensure the stock availability for a smooth distribution and space efficiency

Financial Industry

Financial Service Industry as the most regulated business had already becoming the benchmark for data driven decision making. The rise of fintech has now fused within the traditional FSI (Financial Service Industries) players and more customers are relying on services they provided with a deeper ease of transacting. The digital reach in technology development has created a brand new omnichannel that already produces more data at astounding rate.

Xeratic LinkR and DataOps Services provide an fundamental framework for Mastering Customer Profile Data complying to Regulatory guidelines (OJK SLIK). Helping both Business Driven team and Compliance Driven team to speak the singular language for Customer Data. Furthermore, the data can provide FSI data and business team a baseline to create better business analytics on high quality data.

Government Industry

Indonesian Public Sector related organization from Ministry down to State Owned Enterprises has taken significant milestone in the launch of “Satu Data Indonesia” presidential decree. The realization to have a high-quality data is not only de-facto but it is currently rise as the base foundation to increase public services and effectiveness on every layer. Public Services organization realized the importance of High Quality Data vs of fancy data visualization with unmeaningful insights

Xeratic LinkR and DataOps services plays a central role in integrating, standardizing and aggregating people profile data as the core foundation of creating in depth analysis for strategic policy

Digital Commerce Industry

The rise of digital native companies pushed by internet penetration and startup ecosystem had created a level playing field for small business players to larger businesses to actually reach customers they never thought off before. The revolution had created a tremendous opportunities and challenges at the same time for data savvy people. Its abundance, messy and noisy. (beta) from Xeratic is a special purpose apps, designed to help online / e-commerce business of all sizes to have virtual team of data engineer, analyst and scientist in a simple monthly subscription offering. Build from the ground-up on the same framework of data quality focus and datasets curated internally by Xeratic and Data Partners, Xeratic believe to speed up and simplify analytics and decision making for any business owner.