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Look at how Xeratic adapt to work in business applied cases.

Retail and Distribution

In businesses engaged in retail sales and distribution, there are many variations of data that are owned in the business, including data on products sold, data on distributors, sales data and so on, each of these data has duplicate datas due to the usage of multiple system being run . For example, when looking at the Top-X products, areas, or consumers with the most purchases, if the data recorded has duplicates due to a typo in inputting data due to haste, or double input data or unavoidable human error such data will not be accurate if used for the basis of analysis.

Xeratic will be very helpful in achieving cleaner data for more precise decision making. With Xeratic, companies can get more appropriate data to achieve more accurate analysis results in determining sales targets, marketing programs and others, to boost sales, add branches, and other important decisions that can determine the direction of the company's business growth.

Finance Industry

Businesses engaged in financial institutions or banking have an obligation to report customer data to the muscle body for BI-Checking. This activity is to declare that the customer is not in trouble or has arrears to avoid bad credit, and is required to have customer data with a unique identity.

But in In fact, customer data also has duplication due to the various softwares used for the service products of the financial business, or a fraudulent customer who opened more than one account.

Xeratic has also proven to be very helpful in recognizing duplicate data from bad customers who open more than one account to be able to apply for double loans. In addition, of course, for mandatory routine reporting to the OJK through the SLIK application connected to BI for BI-Checking, banks must provide and report data on Individual Debtor or customer information with good report quality, and the reporting is sensitive to errors that can result in penalty fines for the bank.

Besides being able to help on the side of the authority, Xeratic can also certainly help to provide better data quality for more accurate banking business analysis such as marketing analysis to determine, launch and target banking marketing strategy programs for customers so that the banking business can continue developing.


In the government sector, we know that the Indonesian government is intensively implementing Satu Data Indonesia. A program that integrate all data from both in a government agency to the integration of data from all government agencies. A lot of data on different systems must be integrated so that there is definitely a lot of overlap between data in one system and another, so the risk of data duplication must be very high. Data that has been well integrated, but the quality of the data is not well maintained, of course it becomes less accurate if it is used for government analysis or for checking or monitoring, even when the data is published causing confusion to the public. The use of Xeratic can help in achieving better data quality to avoid inaccurate decision making at the government level caused by poor data quality, so that services to the public can be more optimal.