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Data Cleansing Tool for Indonesia Dataset

Import your raw data, health check, deduplicate & match, stewarding, in one place.

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Data cleansing is the most complicated, laborious, and time consuming
in your data driven journey.

Import & Integrate Data, Data Deduplication, Data Reconcilation, Data Stewarding, Data Health Check
all you need to clean your data in one platform.


Rapid Test

Xeratic provide you with instant data health check-up. This is a critical steps to understand your data condition and give you a picture on what need to be done.

Data Deduplication Check

Identify fast if your business data has duplication or similarity.

Data Reconciliation Check

Look-up fast and reconcile your 2 sets of data to find potential match.

A Product Created by Experience, We Understand What You NEED.

With years of experience in data engineering field, Xeratic team crafted a solution for your data cleansing needs.

Simple and Powerful

Easy for Beginner, Powerful for Expert.

We packed our product in a simple and easy user friendly interface, while powerful data cleansing algorithm runs on the back.

· Xeratic come to life with the concept of making the hard boring task easier and fun


You are more than welcome to add your own "taste" for data matching algorithm.

Every business and data are unique on their own, you can tailor our matching criterias to have a highest accuracy you could possibly get.

Data Condition Reporting

Know your data health status, current data and new data, along the way.

Data cleansing process never ends, as new data comes in a new cleansing needs to be done, our app can give you the information you need to determine your data condition at any time.

Collaborative Data Stewarding

Bridge all data users in one portal view.

Fix deduplication result directly from our app, with the best collaboration engine you can have as many user working on it together without worries.

Hear from our Customers

Our customers are part of our big family. Hand in hand we help solve their data problem. Trusting us to assist them in their Data Driven Journey.


Matching Engine Xeratic membantu dalam otomasi pengecekan data deduplikasi dan cleansing pada data nasabah yang ada di BTPNS.

Rama Sumitro BTPNS

Xeratic membantu dalam menjalankan proses data quality/cleansing menjadi lebih simple karena yg tadinya dilakukan secara manual dan berbeda cara pengerjaan utk tiap orang menjadi standard dan tools yg diberikan mudah dipahami. waktu pemrosesan dengan tools yg diberikan lebih cepat dan akurasi data yg dihasilkan meningkat.

Rizky Nimpuno Direktorat Jendral Pajak (DJP)

Dengan ada stewarding kita ga perlu lagi mematching satu persatu customer , product dan master lainnya dikarenakan kita mempunyai beberapa database dari beberap grup. Ketika membuat laporan dan Dashboard data yang di buat lebih rapi dan lebih gampang buat analisa karena semua master data yg duplikasi sudah menjadi satu

Eddy Zheng DIMA Group

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