Our team is your extended family.

We offers a highly experienced user for Xeratic to help you to manage your structured and unstructured data. We prioritize the Data Quality of your data and make sure you get the best value and potential out of Xeratic.

DataOps Services

Our Front-line Data Engineers

We help perform fast implementation, custom integration development, and human led data treatment. Trained under Xeratic's internal incubation and certification.

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Online Data Education Platform

Data Talent in Training

We provide an Online Educational Platform for those who wants to start career as a Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Data Scientist.


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Case Study #1

Retail & Distribution

In businesses engaged in retail sales and distribution, there are many variations of data that are owned in the business, including data on products sold, data distributors, sales data and others, each of which has duplicate data due to the system being run.

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Case Study #2

Financial Services

In a business that operates in the financial institution or banking sector, which has the obligation to report customer data to the muscle body for BI-Checking to declare that the customer is not in trouble or has arrears to avoid bad credit.

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Case Study #3


In the government sector, we know that the Indonesian government is intensively implementing One Data Indonesia. Activities that integrate all data from both in a government agency to the integration of data from all government agencies.

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