Data Quality Platform

Allowing Data Professionals and Business Power User to solve data quality issues by linking, deduplicating, matching, and stewarding data with customizable rulesets algorithm.

Aligning to your Business Goals:

  • Better customer understanding

  • Keeping monetary safe

  • Smarter data driven decision


Still using these traditional ways to manage data in your company?


Manually Manage duplicate data which takes a lot of time


Process non-standardized data that keeps growing


Having problems in collaborating with the team to manage data


Then Xeratic LinkR is all you need

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Based on our analysis, these features will help you make your own decision based on sales data to boost your business

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Data Matching & Deduplication

Identify duplications & clean the duplicates in your data. From cluttered to organized

Data Profile Check

Drawing conclusions from your existing data to enable a singular view of your data status

Configuration Editor

Allows data operator to create custom configuration to test your datasets on demand

Collaborative Data Stewarding

Work together as a team to control your data, bridging all data users into one web portal view


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Data Profiling
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Data Standardization
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Data Staging
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emergency For the premium and advanced versions, it is highly recommended to export data directly to the database.

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Popular Scenarios for Business

Here you can find best scenarios that LinkR can do on any typical industries

Banking, Insurance, Multi Finance

  • Customer Golden Record

    LinkR enable consolidated customer profile data into one single customer information file, allowing 360 customer view and regulatory compliance such as OJK Single CIF rules.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    LinkR enable identification of suspicious transactions and potential money laundering activities by matching related financial profile records against available sanction data list.

  • Policyholder Data Consolidation

    LinkR enable the finding and matching integrated customer information data across various policies and accounts to offer better insurance coverage and personalized policies.

  • Claims Management

    LinkR enable identification of potential fraudulent insurance claims by linking related claim records data.

  • Customer Credit Score

    More data is always goon in building credit scoring model. LinkR enable similarities finding similarities and profile patterns from consolidated data against specific rulesets settings.​


  • Patient Golden Record

    Linking patient records from multiple healthcare facilities to create a comprehensive medical history, leading to better patient care and more accurate medical research.

  • Product Golden Record

    LinkR able to perform treatment on product information data that is not standard with high possibilities of duplications.

  • Clinical Trial Data Integration

    Integrating data from different clinical trials to analyze and compare treatment outcomes across diverse patient populations.

Public Sector & Government

  • Citizen Golden Record

    LinkR enable government agencies to find the similarities that may exist in citizen profile data from various agencies and grouped into one singular entity.

  • Social Services Support

    Linking data from different government agencies to provide better support and services to individuals and families in need.

Distributions, Commerce, Digital Native

  • Customer Golden Record

    Consolidate customer profile data into one single customer information file, allowing 360 customer view within omnichannel transactions.

  • Outlet Golden Record

    LinkR enabled the consolidation and linking of channel outlet data from various sources into one singular entity.

  • Supplier Relationship Management

    Integrating supplier data to improve collaboration and ensure the smooth flow of goods and services.


How LinkR Empowers Professional Users

Here is a list of users we can empower using LinkR across various industries


Customer-360 Degree View

LinkR allows sales professionals to create a comprehensive view of customers by linking data from various touchpoints, such as CRM systems, marketing platforms, and sales interactions. This comprehensive view helps sales reps understand customer preferences, purchase history, and interactions, leading to more personalized sales strategies

Cross-Selling and Upselling

By utilizing LinkR to link customer purchase history, behavior, and preferences, sales professionals can identify opportunities for cross-selling or upselling products and services that align with customer needs.

Territory Management

LinkR helps sales professionals optimize territory management by linking data related to customer locations, sales history, and market demographics. This aids in efficient resource allocation and targeting.

Competitor Analysis

Linking data related to competitor activities, market share, and pricing helps sales professionals stay informed about competitive landscapes and adjust their strategies accordingly.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) Compliance

LinkR can help identify patterns and relationships among financial transactions and customer records, aiding in detecting suspicious activities that might indicate money laundering or other fraudulent activities. By linking data from multiple sources, compliance professionals can gain a comprehensive understanding of customer behavior and flag any anomalies that require further investigation.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

By linking data related to transactions, customer profiles, and behavior, legal and compliance teams can identify unusual patterns that might indicate fraudulent activities. LinkR enables the creation of comprehensive profiles that can be used to detect and prevent fraud more effectively.

Investigations and Audits

Legal and compliance professionals often need to investigate cases of potential misconduct or regulatory violations. LinkR helps combine information from different sources to create a holistic view of events, transactions, and communications, aiding in the investigation process and ensuring accurate audits.

Regulatory Reporting

Compliance professionals are responsible for ensuring that the organization adheres to various regulations and standards. LinkR assists in gathering and consolidating data from different business units and systems to generate accurate and complete reports for regulatory authorities.

Contract Management and Due Diligence

Legal teams often need to manage contracts, perform due diligence, and assess risks. LinkR can help connect information from contracts, financial records, and other sources, providing a comprehensive picture for contract management and risk assessment.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

LinkR can help HR professionals integrate data from various recruitment platforms, job boards, and internal databases to create a comprehensive candidate profile. Linking data related to skills, experiences, and assessments can streamline the recruitment process and enable better candidate selection.

Workforce Analytics & Planning

HR professionals can link data from various HR systems to analyze workforce trends, turnover rates, and demographic information. This helps in strategic workforce planning and making data-driven decisions.

Compensation & Benefits Management

LinkR allows HR teams to integrate data related to employee compensation, benefits, and performance. This ensures accurate compensation decisions and benefits administration.

Succession Planning

LinkR allows HR teams to integrate data related to employee compensation, benefits, and performance. This ensures accurate compensation decisions and benefits administration.

Financial Consolidation

LinkR helps finance professionals consolidate financial data from various subsidiaries, divisions, or departments into a unified financial statement. This ensures accurate reporting of overall company performance.

Expense Allocation

Finance professionals can link data to allocate expenses across different cost centers, projects, or departments accurately. This ensures proper cost attribution and budget management.

Budgeting & Forecasting

LinkR helps link historical financial data, market trends, and operational metrics to create more accurate budgeting and forecasting models.

Tax Reporting

Data linkage supports accurate tax reporting by linking financial data with tax-related information, such as tax rates, deductions, and credits.

Financial Statement Analysis

Linking data from various financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement) enables finance professionals to perform in-depth financial analysis.

Cash Flow Analysis

Finance professionals can link data related to cash inflows and outflows, including operational, investing, and financing activities, to analyze cash flow trends and liquidity.

Data analysts are the primary users of LinkR. They use LinkR to perform data matching and record linkage tasks, identifying related records across different datasets to create a unified view of entities or individuals.

Data scientists may utilize LinkR in their data pre-processing and data cleaning workflows. Linking and consolidating data from various sources are essential steps in preparing data for advanced analytics and machine learning models.

Data engineers are responsible for designing and implementing data integration processes, including data quality and linkage. LinkR enable proper data management to develop workflows for matching records and ensuring data consistency.

Business intelligence professionals may leverage LinkR to perform data matching and record linkage, increases accuracy of insight output when they are making visualization for business data.

Database administrators leverage LinkR to maintain data integrity and grouped duplicated content in various database tables.